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Below is our team that are 100% volunteers and who put in an unbelievable amount of time and effort on every event and Ride we have for children.


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Steve Enns

National President

Steve Enns (Too Sane) started the first ride early in 2017. He is the founder and President of Bullying Enns. He has been riding most of his life and has lived throughout Canada


Juanita Bain

Juanita Bain (Countess) joined Bullying Enns in the Spring of 2018. She has been riding most of her life. She was born in Grande Prairie and has lived in Alberta her whole life.


Owen Gibson

Owen (Patches) joined Bullying Enns in the spring of 2018. Patches was born in Wiseton, Saskatchewan. He has been riding most of his life. He recently retired from the Elk Island School District


Andrew Philips

Andrew Phillips (Kaos) joined Bullying Enns in the fall of 2017. He has been riding for most of his life. Andrew was born in Vancouver, BC 


Amber Coleman

Amber (Titan) joined Bullying Enns in the spring of 2019. She is the proud mom of Three amazing children. Amber has been riding since 2010 and is very passionate about our cause. She loves adventures and to travel. Amber has worked in Emergency Services for over 25 years.


Cherlynn Smith

Cher was an integral part of forming the Bullying Enns group. She assisted in organizing  Bullying Enns from the start. Cher played a key role in setting up our inventory and works very hard behind the scenes in keeping us moving forward.


Doug Reykdal

Doug (Thor) is married and a father of three. He was born in B.C. but was raised primarily in AB. I work in the oil and gas industry managing crane and hoisting operations. Besides my family, my passions are riding my Harley named Mjolnir (Thor's hammer), camping, fishing, golf and genealogy. I have traced my family roots back to the 800's when they left Norway to settle a newly discovered island called Iceland. I take great pride in my Icelandic/Viking heritage which explains my bikes name!

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Steve Bain

President Division 1

Steve Bain (Gears) joined Bullying Enns on the second ride in 2017. He has been riding since 2014. He was born in Scotland and lived in Europe and Africa before coming back to Canada. "The best part of being involved with B.E. is knowing that we are helping the kidlets by just showing them that there are people out there that believe in them and that they are all Special."


Ralph Playdon

Ralph joined (Shep) Bullying Enns in the spring of 2018. He has been riding most of his life. He was born in Alberta and people know him best as the Shepherd that tends to the flock of sheep in Fort Saskatchewan.


Kevin Davis

Kevin (Iron Man) joined Bullying Enns in the spring of 2018. Ironman was born in Edmonton and he has been riding since 2010. He knows what it is liked to be bullied. "The best part of this whole experience is when we roll up to a child's home or school and they see us all on our bikes. They have the biggest smiles on their faces. Just for them to know that someone is on their side."

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David Baillie

Father of three wonderful young ladies. I was involved in youth sports since I was six until a few years ago (both playing and coaching).  I bought my first bike when I was 18 and have been riding since then.  BE allows me to be involved with a group of likeminded individuals which combines my two main passions- encouraging children, and riding.  I am honoured to be a part of this group and look forward to the roads ahead. 


Colin Klassen

Colin joined Bullying Enns in May of 2020 after seeing our page on Facebook. He was born and raised in southern Manitoba and moved to Alberta in 2017. After joining us on his first ride in June he was hooked. He is amazed at what this group does for the children and the communities that we have done rides in.


Gordie McLean

Gordie (E Z) joined Bullying Enns in May of 2019. After doing a ride for his Grandson in 2018 and heard of Steve Enns on Facebook. They are the best group of Like minded riders that care about kids as much as myself. It's the smile on the kids faces when we visit that melts my heart and tears in my eyes. The Thank You's from the parents is what makes me wear my patch with Pride. 


James Fiddy

James (Buck) joined Bullying Enns in May of 2020. He began riding with us during the Covid-19 restrictions that only allowed us to do the Birthday Ride-bys


Derek Hulbert

Derek (D'Rak) joined Bullying Enns in the spring of 2018. He has been riding most of his life. D'Rak was born in Edmonton. Derek joined Bullying Enns to help try and stop Bullying in our area as he has 5 grandchildren. "Seeing the growth in groups like Bullying Enns, Bikers are Buddies and U.B.A.K.A. gives me hope that we can change this." Derek is a retired Millwright.


Bill Wruck

Bill (Cheeto) joined Bullying Enns in the spring of 2018. Bill was born in Edmonton. We cannot say enough about the enthusiasm that Bill brings to our rides. The children's smiles say it all when they see him in his Elton John Style Glory. 


Tom Enright

Vice-President Division 1

Tom ( aka "GP" ) ..a "DAD" & "GrandPa"...started supporting "Bullying Enns" in 2017, "GP" has been an Advocate for Children for many years. Seeing the SMILES & Confidence / Self-esteem in a child's face, knowing that they have the Backing / Family & Friendship of a community brings a warm fulfilling feeling to and "Old Heart". Born in 'Ottawa", Has  been an "Edmontonian" for 40+ years and now calls it Home!


Sheldon Liske

Sheldon (Tellyman) joined Bullying Enns in January of 2019 after hearing about us from Andrew. Sheldon was Born in Edmonton. Hometown of Barrhead AB most of my life.  Ever since a boy of 4 years old I’ve been on something with an engine. Trikes, quads, snowmobiles and bikes. By far my favourite is motorcycles and you’ll find me on an endless ride most of the summer.  I’m big into volunteering and helping others. Children and I connect very well they are a true judge of character. With no kids of my own I do know the struggles of growing up. I have 1 niece and 3 nephews who refer to me as Unky Punky I only wish the best for them growing up as well as I do every child in my life. I believe it takes just one moment, one gesture or act of kindness to change a life and leave a lasting impression. I believe in BULLYING ENNS and am honoured to wear this patch and be apart of something truly amazing! 


Rob McAlpine

Sgt. of Arms

Rob McAlpine joined Bullying Enns in 2019. He is a father of 5 and grandfather of 11. He has been a big supporter to the riding community for the causes they support. After his first ride with B.E. to support a bullied child he was hooked and the Birthday Rides during the Covid-19 closures have been an added bonus


Chad Keist

Chad joined B.E. on the next ride after we did a ride for his son. Since then he has been hooked and filled with Joy from this amazing group. I want to help other children that are being Bullied as I was bullied when I was a child and I know how it feels when you think you have no-one on your side. I love seeing the childrens faces light up when we arrive to see them.


Nadine Plouffe

I was born & raised in central B.C. helping work the family farm until we moved off the acreage when I was 13. I always had a love for dirt biking and riding quads.

I moved to Alberta in 2013.

I am a mother of 2 and grandmother of 3. 

My first real experience with Bullying Enns was on my birthday in 2020. My Spouse Colin found the group on Facebook and asked if I would be interested in going along with the group for my birthday, After reading a little about what the group did, I said absolutely.

We met with the riders and had three kids we did ride bys for on that first day. It was so emotional for me and I was hooked. The emotions that came over me when seeing the smiles on these kids faces is unexplainable. 

I am proud to call B.E. family.